Last Hurrah

I ordered a new camera for our next vacation. I have a decent little camera except that the port for the USB cable has never worked well and now it’s almost impossible to doc it. Very frustrating when trying to get the pictures. My new camera should be here tomorrow so I will have plenty of time to play with and get used to how it works. it’s got a touchscreen so that will be nice. Unfortunately for you this means many many giant pictures while I play. At least you won’t be stuck with my cell phone pictures for all of the vacation. The one I ordered is just a nice little Nikon. It’s RED! ๐Ÿ™‚


We are planning to go to the Winchester Mansion in San Jose.

there aren’t many pictures online so I’m guessing they’re pretty restrictive.

I have a mourning dove that nested in a hanging planter on my porch and now she has little babies in there. I would like to get pictures of that.

I had my first physical therapy appointment on Wednesday for my foot. Mostly they just poked and prodded and pushed and pulled and bent and straightened and measured. They were very nice and very funny. My next one is Friday. I know this sounds weird, but I’m having trouble fitting all of my doctors appointments into my schedule! I need to quit my job just so I can keep up with them. Today I finally called and scheduled my ENT appointment to follow up on my hearing loss, A YEAR LATE! Geesh. I didn’t let them schedule me in May. I just can’t even think about adding anything else to May. So, June. While I was typing this my dentist office called to remind me that I hadn’t rescheduled my cleaning that I had to cancel a couple of weeks ago.

I really need to find a dress to wear to my daughters wedding too! Oh, I have a doctors appointment the day before that. We bought my husband a suit last week and I picked out a tie for him. 


My daughter has explained to me that her “color” will be peridot green. Though, I don’t know what that means now since I know one dress will be navy blue.

Have you tried Mini Pops? It’s not popcorn, it’s sorghum that has been popped. It’s the funniest looking thing because it looks like popcorn except it’s about 1/5 the size! So far it seems to be something I can eat. Yay! I needed to find some snack food. Mostly I’ve been using it in place of crackers in soup.

Look what we got int he mail. ๐Ÿ™‚ Vacation after this vacation. More like a long weekend really. I have to stop saying vacation when it’s really only adding on a day to a weekend. People think I take six or seven weeks off a year!

I bet this would have been pretty with my new camera instead of my cell phone. The sun was hitting the dew like a hundred prisms. It was really beautiful.


Wait..I’m going to add that picture again but really big! Maybe we’ll be able to see the colors.











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  1. Yay for a new camera! I can’t wait to see all the pictures! The grass picture looks so cool. That must have been a beautiful sight.I love your dove! My dad use to get a dove in a planter like that. We so enjoyed having those birds every year.How exciting that the wedding is coming up. I can’t wait to see pictures of everyone dressed up. The shirt and tie look nice. Good luck with the dress hunt. Such a hard thing to find.I was showing Craig the pictures of the tickets when you had them on fb and he was wondering – how does a guy from where you live end up liking a team from a different area?Take care and have a good afternoon!

  2. I have always had a hard time with my little pink camera sometimes it really piffes me off it is cool that you have a new one coming can’t wait to live your vacation with you through your pictures…I feel the same way too darn many doctors visits oh for the good old days before diabetes , fibro and cancer and what ever else they decides is wrong..oh I forgot I broke a wisdom tooth and need to make time to get it pulled…uclk,,,,what is so funny is I had one complete set pulled out before the next set of wisdom teeth grew in…peridot green is very pretty that is my birth stone color

  3. @skanickadee – I really don’t know how Corey got hooked on the Sox! Always been that way.

  4. @SisterMae – I guess that means you’re extra wise!

  5. @tracy – extra something that’s for sure lol

  6. Peaked my curiosity. Which Nikon?

  7. @Inciteful – I may have to correct this later but I believe it is a Nikon CoolPics – S4300

  8. New cameras are so fun! :)I bet the babies are cute, you’ll get ’em sticking their little heads up sooner or later. I’m not a big fan of doves. They’re mean and scare all my little finches away.Love the colors of the tie. I wouldn’t know what color peridot green is either..What is sorghum? sounds familiar. Do the mini pops have kernels or kernel skins like popcorn? I love popcorn, but can’t stand the skins getting caught in my teeth so I rarely eat it.MLB–how FUN! I’m sure you’ll enjoy that!Have a good weekend, looking forward to all the new pics! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Apparently I am one day too late! The babies flew away or got moved yesterday. My husband was out there mowing and it was too chaotic for mom. Sorghum is a grain, looks a little bit like wheat but no gluten. When you heat it, it toasts like a piece of wheat would so you could actually eat the unpopped sorghum. It has kernels, sort of. they are very small, and very thin and very digestible. You can buy it un-popped too and do it at home. There is a sweet version of Sorghum that is used for sweet syrup as well. I’ve seen it listed as an ingredient in organic candy I think.

  10. Looks like a nice place for a quiet peaceful vacation!  Can’t wait to she the pictures of it from your new camera!  A wedding….how exciting!!  I’ve never heard of Sorghum being used for that!  I’ll have to look for it.  I buy the flavored rice cakes so this might be a nice change!  There is a little place by here that makes Sorghum syrup once a year.  Interesting as they still do it like in the “old” days. We grow it for them at the farm and they do it for a whole weekend among other things. 

  11. Hi Tracy,I use my old cell phone for Xanga photos—it is so easy to use. I will hate it when if finally wears out. I have a new I-phone thanks to my wife, but it is way to complicated and hard to use.I don’t even own a suit or tie anymore. lol I wore them for decades at work. Nice choice on the tie.  I am sure the wedding will be fantastic. You are like me with doctor appointments.  My wife keeps track of all of them for me. Hope you have a very nice weekend,frank

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