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I wrote this up and didn’t post it publicly because sometimes you gotta wait and think about it. I noticed a lot of people yesterday on Xanga were cranky so I should have posted it then to fit in.

Got my feelings hurt. 😦 I hate it when that happens. I’m not particularly sensitive I don’t think and I really do try hard to be considerate (mostly) of others so it throws me for a loop when someone gets to me.

This is what happened. I made friends with someone I went to High School with. Nice guy in High School, though I didn’t really know him very well. He has moved to California and he takes the most glorious pictures. Really beautiful to look through. He had me at the first picture of a shadow. I have a fondness for shadows. We also seem to share the same opinions on what’s right and what’s wrong so that’s nice as well. He was very supportive and kind during my unpleasant cancer thing and I just genuinely like him.
I am going on vacation on Thursday morning to California. A few weeks ago he posted on my Facebook and invited me to dinner. I told my husband and he replied with a list of possible things I could tell my HS/FB friend for why we wouldn’t be joining him for dinner. ( do your partners do that? Tell you what they think you should say? Very odd, but there you go.) If you know my husband you know pushing him to meet with people he does not want to will be a very bad idea. If you don’t know my husband, take my word for it, and it’s his vacation too so he has a right to do what he wants as well. So this is what I sent as a message to my Facebook acquaintance.

“Thanks for the offer of dinner when we’re in San Francisco. I won’t take you up on it because I’m traveling with my husband and though he’s been pretty good so far about meeting for meals with random strangers that I’ve met on the internet through blogging I think I will let him have this vacation without having to be polite to anyone. It’s quite a stretch for him. Now I just have to see if I can think of a reason to go back without him so I can meet you again. You’re such an interesting and seem (at least on the in-depth venue of social media) like such a nice person.
Please do feel free to throw any links at me that you think I might like. We’re always looking for good vegetarian restaurants!

To which there was no response other to drop me as a friend.
I was really stunned and it seemed like such an odd thing. I’m a big girl, tell me straight, did I say something wrong in that message? I’ve reread it and I just don’t see it. I mean, I’m not kidding, he seems like a really nice guy so it was totally unexpected. I did send another message this week asking if perhaps I had done something else to offend but have not received an answer. I mean obviously I have really offended him, which also hurts because I would never want to do that. I think that’s what makes it worse since I really didn’t mean any offense. I was trying to be as honest, but light, as I could.

As always I’ve pondered whether to write this up. I don’t mind sharing some of my life in public because I get to choose what to share but I’m always hesitant when it involves other people. Though, I’m pretty sure no one who reads my Xanga will know about whom I’m speaking. So this leads me to another discussion for another time and place.

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