A body’s relative mass or the quantity of matter contained by it, giving rise to a downward force; the heaviness of a person or thing.


I have promised myself that if I lose another six pounds I will throw away all of my pants, shorts, workout pants and buy all new. I have pants that I have worn for a 30 pound range. Very little of my clothing fits me correctly. Even if it’s close to the correct size it’s been worn at to many different weights that it is stretched into odd configurations. I was worried that when I went on vacation my summer clothes would be too small. First day I put on a pair of shorts we had to do an emergency shopping trip for a belt. It’s weird how much of our feeling of confidence is defined by that number on the scale. Of course, when I say that, I really don’t mean it. I mean by the size of our body and by how we feel about the size of our body. My size is not always defined by my weight, sometimes it’s by my fitness level. 

Today my back and shoulders and chest hurt and I’m wheezing when I breathe. Yay for allergies. 🙂 I have a physical problem with a shoulder and my LMT pointed out that my shoulders are now rolling forward to the point of causing chest problems. I would prefer not to have a hunchback! I ordered a posture correcting brace that will hopefully be comfortable enough to wear frequently. My yoga teacher has been known to do this correction with a yoga strap but I would like something a little less obvious and that doesn’t look like something out of a bondage video!

I have uploaded all of my California pictures to Google so that I could share with my boss without adding him to Facebook. I resized them all and split them into days.

Much nicer.

I had three things to blog about and have forgotten all three. Just things that crossed my mind.

I was thinking the other day that I need a way to release all of my passwords to my daughter if I die. I would like her to have access to my Xanga so she can see any private or protected blogs. Maybe archive and store them away for a future generation or two. I’s not exciting history but people fifty years from now may be interested in some of it. It’s a whole lot of years worth of blogging to have it just go away. Then this morning on NPR they were talking about services that do that.

Maybe I’ll ask Xanga John what their stance is on it.

I use to have an online photo album of womens bathrooms. It was cooler than it sounds. It got lost. Maybe I’ll start a new one on Google that is staircases instead. I love staircases. I think Google+ is good for picture storage. It’s easy to upload and edit and share.  I’ll start trying to use that more I think. I don’t use Google+ for anything else so I might as well!


Nina – MB – Erin said there is a big craft fair in Chicago in September that she would like to go to.


Helpful Hint – when speaking about important subjects where detail is needed involving many things and people; use names not he/she they and it.

For instance;

Stan and Phil from Australia lost a poisonous spider in our kitchen.


They lost something somewhere.

Many pieces of vital information are missing from the latter sentence and it turns what could be a very important warning into an inconsequential piece of fluff.



Just remembered one of the things. The other day out of the blue my son said “you know I’ve got your back right?” “If you are ever in trouble and you need help, I’ll be there and I’ll do whatever I can to take care of you.”  It was pretty nice.


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  1. I went over my calories by 1000 today! But it sure was good! I am the type that can lose twenty in a month and gain twenty the next month. I also like google+ but I rarely use it. It is a ghost town! 

  2. That’s a good clean out 🙂 I have the same thing with my clothes I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  3. If you are serious about leaving passwords, why not add them to your will papers (please dont say you dont have a will)?

  4. I think I remember when I was perusing Legal Zoom for Will type papers that they had sections for mp3s and internet passwords and things like that.  Or – just leave a document somewhere with your other important papers and keep  it updated.  My mother has a binder with all of her info in it, all of her accounts and passwords and things.  She keeps it updated with mailing labels.  Every time something changes she sticks on a new mailing label.  It works.    That’s pretty cool about your son ❤

  5. Pretty sure I know all your passwords, Mum. Just kind enough not to utilize them.

  6. Or toss a paper in your jewelry box. I mean, I’d want to tell all your crazy Xanga friends you’re dead and all once I was done being traumatized.

  7. @chaosconfetti – pretty sure you don’t know my Xanga one missy. I change it regularly. The rest of my passwords I have logged and saved for your Dad but not this one. You are the only person I would let into my Xanga. I’ll think about this.

  8. This was a doozy…I have/had comments but now that I’m at the bottom, I can’t remember them…give me a minute..I’m going to look at your pics.  I wondered about google+ I have not been totally excited about any storage places.  Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm again.  I’ve been archiving my xanga blogs and putting them on a thumb drive.I’m in – September!!!!!!!! Sometimes I think we may not know/remember how much the rug rats love us and actually worry about us.I’m thankful I don’t have allergies!!!!

  9. My rugs have mixed feelings about you, but the rats all loved you I’m sure.

  10. @Ninasusan – Oh yes, I bet she is thinking of Renegade. I’ve never been – I keep missing it but I was looking it up recently and had noticed it was in September. I’ll pencil it in. @Tracy I keep all my passwords, usernames and security questions in my Rolodex. I loved what your son said. I think if your clothes don’t fit, you should just start replacing them. Why wait? Well, at least get rid of those that are way too big and start replacing those. You deserve to have well fitting clothes right now.

  11. @chaosconfetti – I read your comment before Ninas so I was terribly terribly confused! Three more days!

  12. @skanickadee – @Ninasusan – I looked at the crafty thing website and it said something about adding in Vintage stores or something. I’m not a big craft or vintage buyer but I enjoy looking and always enjoy any time with you guys!

  13. @tracy – Is it this weekend? Maybe it is weird but I am so excited about this. I hope you’ll share some pictures!

  14. @tracy – You know, Craig has the Petanque set ready. And I am really not kidding about that. He’ll be bummed that you won’t be here until September.

  15. @skanickadee – YES! I am so glad you are excited. We do not have enough excitement in my family. Everyone is so reserved. I hope the day is spectacular and special and beautiful and you know they’ll be pictures!It’s sad how quickly summer goes by. Maybe we can all find a weekend earlier to come over and invade your house. Do a whole bring the spouses & or S/O thing even. Corey and I are almost always up for a quick weekend trip. It’s only a four-six hour drive. I would love to see Phil again now that he’s turned into a GRANDPA. @Ninasusan – 

  16. @tracy – OH!MY!GOODNESS! I have just been BURSTING about the wedding but haven’t wanted to say anything because you haven’t been saying anything about it. I am so excited! I will cross my fingers that it is a beautiful day but my mom always used to say a little rain on your wedding day was a good luck sign. @Ninasusan – @tracy – Yes, please come! Let’s all play Petanque together! I hear that lots of Petanque players are in that grandparent age group!

  17. Your new way of eating will also change your body the lack of animal protein will take several inches of your tummy and in doing so you will get very healthy I need to do the same and as always my friend you are the bomb

  18. Nouns are harder than pronouns.And I’m getting words wrong lately. Yesterday I emailed a friend of mine. I wrote that my boyfriend is probably getting a job offer next year for a fracking position in northern Houston. What I *meant* was that this offer would come next week. Details, details.Maybe I could include important passwords in my will, in a document that would stay safe with my as-yet-nonexistent lawyer until such time as I am gone.Google + is where I share my more subversive links and ideas when Facebook feels too open and I’ve exhausted both blogs

  19. @SisterMae – Thank you very much. Though, I did want to clarify. I have been a vegetarian for quite a few years now. My eating habits are actually much worse since I cannot eat raw fruits & veggies yet. But I exercise like a crazy person!

  20. @Ninasusan – @tracy – It has occurred to me that I have commitments every weekend in July. 

  21. @skanickadee – @Ninasusan –  – June?

  22. @Ninasusan – @tracy – June is good. 

  23. June is a possibility…which weekend?

  24. @Ninasusan – @skanickadee – as of this moment we have nothing on any weekend in June so we are at your disposal.

  25. Hi Tracy, you had me worried for a second when you said you would get rid of your clothes if you lost six pounds, but gratefully you added that you would buy some more. lol Good for you!!! I lost 65 pounds after my first heart attack and thanks to God kept it off.I agree about writing sentences. I read an article of all places in a Pentecostal magazine on how to write blogs—and it included sentence structure and content. Now I wish that I had kept it. I am sure I am sliding downward with their rules.I gave my single daughter the password and username for Xanga. I told her to open the envelope due to a catastrophic illness or death and let my dear Xanga family know what happened. I will actually think about my Xanga family on my death bed–I do all of my socializing with them other than wife and one daughter.frank

  26. I wouldn’t be able to remember all my passwords!!I’m going to check out the rest of your pics tomorrow!

  27. Weight….yuck!  I’ve put back on 11 of what I had lost.  Which makes 6 over my original goal weight.  I hope to get it back off very soon.  Once it starts sneaking back on it just keeps a coming.  Not good!I left a letter with my passwords in our safety deposit box before we left for Jamaica this year.  To many passwords for the shop that the girls would have to have to get into things.  But I didn’t leave my xanga one.  Not sure if I want it found…  Not that I have anything to really hide…  Just, I don’t know.  I just don’t think I want it read by them.  I’m weird that was I guess.  Just like I can’t stand people in my house when I’m not there.  I have nothing to hide there….just feel too exposed I guess.I’ve noticed that even txt messages come off different then they are suppose to be.  Without a tone of voice they can be taken as snotty when not meant to be or just the opposite.   

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