I have a TENS machine that I use for some muscle/tendon issues.

On Sunday I woke up with a headache, mostly due to the huge amount of pollen from being in a flowering park for eight hours on Saturday. I popped a tylenol and decided to try the TENS machine for the headache. First – a TENS machine works by shooting small electrical pulses into you. Most of the time it causes uncontrollable movements.

I curled up on the couch in a semi-fetal position put two of the pads on the back of my neck and just tried to relax for 30 minutes while it did it’s work. You could not see the TENS machine or pads if you were standing up. So there I am laying on the couch at 11 in the morning which is very unusual, with my eyes closed, and my shoulders, arms & head making involuntary movements, twitches and shrugs and shaking. I can tell you that when my son came through he was quite worried about my apparent seizure and later my husband had a very similar reaction. It was very amusing in a lowkey kind of way.  It did a great job on my headache! Something to remember, but if you’re going to try it, please remember to warn your family.


 Cleaned off my cell phone camera.

Last week I went to a Networking Reception. It was held at Costco. They make a room by moving pallets of things to form walls. It was interesting. The room, not reception. I met our mayor. He was not impressed with me as evidenced by the way he kept looking over my head and not acknowledging me. I liked everything he had to say and I believed he was sincere but I dislike being dismissed. Probably because I did not look important. I was dressed in my summer casual instead of business black.

Ah well.

Mayor Bell on the right.

Costco provided a lot of tasty looking food.

My husband and I picked up the cakes the morning of the weddings. These are the bakery people literally scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do when they realized they had no way to pack the cakes. Stuff was missing that they usually have to pack things securely.

We ended up with an assortment of trays and boxes and drove very very slowly.

Went to pick up some flowers and there was an unexpected carnival in the parking lot!

Spent the day with Katy before her wedding.


This bench is at the park the wedding was held. I just love it.


I wish I knew how to improve my depth of sleep. Maybe I’ll try a white noise machine. Does anyone use one? Tonight I’m going to try ear plugs. I’m also considering ordering this thing on Amazon. It’s a soft wrap-around headband thingy with speakers. I could do white noise, or whatever.

Today I had a physical therapy appointment. Wednesday I am having the indestructable wart surgically removed. They’ve been treating it for three years with no luck. Not looking forward to that pain. Friday is checkup at the oncologist. Then, next week is foot doctor and physical therapy. Week after that is ear doctor. Then done for at least a week. Geesh.



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  1. I sleep with foam ear plugs every night – so does he.  It changed my world…that and the cpap machine

  2. I was just thinking about wearing earplugs to bed too. Your sleep pattern looks so disrupted. are you tired a lot? I dislike that about most ‘important’ people too, they tend to dismiss people who are of no ‘use’ to them. I love Costco, wish we had it here!

  3. @isitreal_no – I am tired a lot. My energy has just plummeted. I almost think when I had bonus of insomnia it was better. At least that would end with sleep eventually.

  4. @tracy – You know you have a problem when you start to almost appreciate insomnia! I hope you get some good sleep soon!

  5. I got the Hubster a TENS (thanks to extra bucks in my Pay-Pal account) for his back and he said it helps.  I haven’t seen him twitching yet, but I saw him head out to work last week with some wire hanging out the back of his shirt.  LOL   It seems they are getting pretty popular.  My cousin went to a chiropractor for over a year and he recommended she get one since he really wasn’t helping her.  She also swears by it.

  6. I bought a small white noise machine for son (we have a small house and I didnt want guests/noise to keep him awake or disturb him) when he was young. It worked like a charm. We bought it in the baby department. Had a variety of levels from quiet to loud. Gotta check out what a TENS machine is.

  7. I have a Homedics “sound” machine – it has a variety of sounds, including white noise, rain, surf, rain forest. I prefer the rain.  The chirping crickets or whatever they are get on my nerves and the “rain” does a good job of relaxing me and shutting out whatever noise is going on in the house (kids).  I started using it when Matthew came back from Iraq.  He’s lost a bit of his hearing and would talk quite loudly.  I find that it is soothing and I tend to sleep better with it.

  8. That had to be freaky for your son and hubby! wow.You’re so nice, that you still gave him a chance, even as he dismissed you….I would’ve thought he was somewhat insincere after that I think.Love the pic of you and your daughter, Very nice!Idk about white noise, but it’s kind of like listening to the ocean, and that’s pretty soothing. Might be worth a shot anyway. I had a co worker who swore by it, she used to set it on rain…that always sounded very relaxing to me as well. Hope you find something that works,  sleep is kind of important. Have a good week!

  9. That’s a really nice shot of you with Katy. Oughta make it your profile pic.

  10. @Inciteful – thank you, I was thinking the same thing. About due for a new one.

  11. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Thank you. I don’t really think it’s nice of me though. We have an economically distressed city that has had some thoroughly incompetent leadership in the past. I think it’s okay to have someone I don’t like running the place as long as he gets things done, and has at least a little integrity. Sometimes you have to be a certain type of personality to make big changes, in government & in business which may make you generally an unpleasant person but a good leader.

  12. @TheEmeraldPixie – putting the tens anywhere near a shoulder muscle will add an amusing effect. đŸ™‚

  13. @GoneRetired – @Emme402 – That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to buy one of the machines that has a variety of sounds and then a sleep headband with speakers in it so I can not have it on in the room. I tried ear plugs last night and I think they may have helped a little but one turned painful and one twisted out! I have amazingly small ear canals according to my ENT so I think I will see if I can find a set made for small ears to try.

  14. I love the picture of you and your daughter. Good luck with the sleep stuff. I have no need of one of those machines, but it would be interesting to know how many times I wake up and for how long. I woke up around 5am today but dozed happily until my alarm. Your seizure story is fun, too. How terrible is that statement out of context

  15. You know that is a really pretty picture of you! 

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