We ran around quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday. I’m still not very good with my camera. Mostly I just throw it on auto and go. Sometimes it just doesn’t take the picture and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

The other day my husband found a hole going under our house (slab foundation) so he filled it in. I assumed chipmunks, but we have a huge assortment of small animals that burrow in our area so you never know. The next day my son and I saw a large uniquely patterned bunny digging around in the same area. Saturday I saw the same bunny sitting by our side gate under the mail box, just staring at our side door. For a very long time. I swear there was malice in those eyes.

Saturday we went to the Toledo Zoo. We normally arrive just before they open and it’s a great place to walk. Get some exercise while enjoying the animals before the crowds arrive. On Saturday we arrived 20 minutes after they opened and the line of cars to get to the entrance was about a mile. I guess a bunch of new exhibits opened this weekend and they’re were all sort of things going on.

One of them was this guy. I wish I could have gotten a better picture. He was impressive.

There are baby polar bear cubs in this exhibit I’m told. I could not have verified it. I escaped as quickly as possible!

I kept trying to work with the zoom on my camera.

This guy was staring at me. I’m sure.

Speaking of staring at me. On Sunday we went to The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village. There is a very large Civil War Remembrance Weekend going on so the place is filled with tents and people in period dress living on the the grounds this weekend. We did get here before they opened as we’ve experienced the no fun’ness of not being able to find a parking spot before.

As so frequently happens I was trying to get a shot of the oncoming crowds and managed to capture someone looking straight at the camera. Do you think she thought I was taking her picture? I think whenever I see someone taking a picture I will stop and smile directly at the camera so they can find me in their pictures. Like a Where’s Waldo kind of thing.



Windmills are cool.


Corey was helping troubleshoot some problems at work for the plant in Illinois. Apparently the people on the path above him thought he was part of an exhibit. 

This was a shot out the window of an imported English cottage. Wouldn’t this be a lovely side yard? Probably no malevolent bunnies here.

The weather was really beautiful Saturday & Sunday. As evidenced by the shade seeking sheep though, the sun was a bit warm by mid afternoon. 

Apparently this is the Civil war reenactment solution to the same problem as the sheep were having.

Afternoon Siesta in the Tent


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  1. Looks like a fun weekend!!  I can’t wait to retire so we can have some fun weekends.  After 29years, I’m really ready to be done with 1 weekend off a month!

  2. It looks like to me she thought she belonged to you like a friend or something you just have an inviting personality

  3. That bunny just cracks me up. S/he really wants to dig under your house.Where is the plant in Illinois?The shot out of the window is so charming. Cool windmill.

  4. @skanickadee – I think it’s streator.@Ninasusan – You know you don’t have to wait for weekends!

  5. My 12 year older brother decided to have a few rabbits in high school. 20 cages later and a flood caused my dad to make him get rid of them—-but, they are cute.Sounds like you had a good time. Very nice photos. I now use the new I-Phone my son and wife insisted that I buy, but the old Samsun cell phone did it easier and allowed me to be sneaky taking photos. lolHave a nice new weekfrank

  6. That looks so awesome!! I’m thinking about heading up to Australia Zoo for a day trip, I’ll have to make sure I get a few pics to post on here! I absolutely love that cottage and that people were living there for the weekend. You guys have a lot of cool stuff. Displays and groups and things. Maybe it’s because there’s so many people in America ? We don’t have as much over here.

  7. Looks like you had fun. You did a good job taking these pictures!

  8. Very nice pictures (I particularly like the Rhino!) We like to get to places before they get too full, and prefer to go up to London during term time so that the only crowds of kids around are organised school parties. I think we live our whole lives “off peak” in fact.

  9. Ahhhh, who wouldn’t love an afternoon siesta in a tent?! That is a great zoo you have there! and yes, what a geat idea…that could be the next trendy trend thing, see a camera pointed toward you, look right at it and smile! I love the idea!!and yes! Windmills ARE cool!! 🙂 

  10. Lol at malevolent bunnies! He was really interesting. I haven’t been to any zoo in a long time, so I really enjoyed your animal shots. The zoo in Baltimore has some awesome polar bears. They’re a big hit.

  11. What a wonderful day! I love the picture

  12. You have such neat places to visit!  Sometimes I wish we lived where there was more to do that is close by.That bunny looks like he is just waiting to get you!

  13. You did pretty well. I like the shot of the rhino.

  14. Hey!  I didn’t see you at the Zoo.  There’s some party thing going on to celebrate Lucas’ second birthday.

  15. @TheEmeraldPixie – it would have been funny if you saw yourself in one of my pictures

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