• Aug. 22nd, 2013 at 8:50 AM

I don’t know what got me thinking about it this morning but I was remembering a boss I used to have. Whenever anyone in the immediate vicinity called off sick I knew without a doubt that my boss would call off sick the next day. I don’t think he was a hypochondriac I think he looked for any excuse to call off work. Once one person did he could then say, with reasonable assurance that someone might believe him, that he must be coming down with what the other person had. I distinctly remember once staying home with terrible menstrual cramps and having him call me the next day to say he must be coming down with whatever I had and he wouldn’t be in the office.

The subject of patterns has come up a couple of times in the last week for me. I have a knack for seeing patterns. It’s why I’m good with spreadsheets. You just start shuffling and sorting and eventually you’ll see a patter in the data. I think I also do this with people. If you pay enough attention over time you see the patterns they’re establishing. I really hope no one ever watches me as closely as I watch everyone else. I am just fascinated by people and their actions and reasoning.

Occasionally it gets me into trouble. For instance if I catch someone lying to me and notice odd behaviors when they do it, I file that away. The next time I see those behaviors I assume they’re lying to me about something. Even though maybe the behavior just means they’re uncomfortable.

I leave you with sleeping beagle pictures
2011-03-30 11.00.46

Comments on: "Behavior patterns at workplaces" (3)

  1. wematterphotos said:

    You got me thinking about it too. In an office setting, most of the time, a calculated assumption has a good chance of being accurate as in the case of your boss. I guess he caught your cramps 🙂

    In other settings, like working with a client, it sometimes can be embarrasing if the assumption is found out to be wrong due to a combination of coincidences. Or just a wrong read, similar to what you have stated. A few of the latter was enough for me where I try to keep in mind the observations that I have made but not react or let my assumption change my regular style of doing things. In my own business a wrong read can hurt both ways and non at all might be better. But still, being aware of red light signals is always a good thing and can be credited to experience. I usually keep my thoughts to myself so things have away of working out

    As far as recognizing patterns, I’ll make a blanket statement and say that I think women are better at it then men. I think I have done years of observing women’s patterns to slightly support it. 😀

    • I also try to be very aware of my own reactions to patterns. Especially if I’m reacting to a behavior in one person that has a negative connotation because of a behavior in another person. Just because Gino’s nose turns read when ever he lies doesn’t mean that Wanda is lying because her nose is red. Maybe she just sneezed!
      I think you’re right about women being better at observing patterns. I think that people just chalk it up to intuition.

  2. I spent years watching and analyzing, looking for reasoning behind the patterns. I found reasons, but little reasoning.

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