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I have been avoiding long sit downs at a computer/tablet/phone for the last couple of weeks. It’s too much of a time sucker. Yesterday I spent a long time working and I will finish up today but not until this afternoon. I am having an early lunch with my sister, and I have a mid-afternoon Doctors appointment. I should have cancelled all of my appointments for the month but I didn’t so I’m still at my one a week or so schedule. Ridiculous! Next week I start the lymphedema rehab, six appointments in two weeks. I have noticed that the avoidance of long sit-down times has made a marked improvement in the lymphedema. I guess I’m lucky that it hit in my legs. Much easier to work with.

I wanted to talk about hormones. I lost a lot of my hormone production in my early forties, then two years ago I lost the rest. A few months ago a new doctor gave me estrogen cream. It’s a vegetarian option, quite expensive. We had a long talk about hormones. There are many cancers that are thought to have their growth triggered by estrogen so HRT is something I really fought when I went through early menopause at 42. Ironic that it was probably cancer causing the early menopause, yes? My new doctor convinced me to try the vegetarian estrogen because he said that such a small amount of it is actually processed into the body that there should be no side effects. It is for the benefits of the local areas where you apply it. I started getting migraines about three weeks after I started using it. Two doctors have told me that it’s not probably that it is the estrogen causing the migraines, because the studies show that you don’t absorb enough. I stopped using the estrogen for two weeks, and then started again at a quarter of the dose. Guess what? After a migraine a week for the previous three weeks, no more migraines.
My point is, that if I’m absorbing enough estrogen to give migraines, I’m probably absorbing enough to have other side effects. Just something for women to keep in mind while going through menopause. I’m still sticking with my original thought that if you don’t really need HRT, don’t do it. Unfortunately because of the surgery it’s not that I’m just low on estrogen, I have no estrogen so I do need to supplement, I will however be very careful to stay on the lowest dose possible.

Two quick pictures before I get back to my limited computer time schedule.


My husband bought me this Buddha to help me stay grounded. I like the philosophies of Buddhism. If I were ever going to adopt a belief system I would go with Buddhism. This one is pretty and a good reminder to stop and let your mind clear every once in awhile. Normally I use my yoga practice for this but since I’ve given up yoga for awhile I need to remember to find other ways to give my cluttered brain a cleaning occasionally.

This is my lovely niece Allie and Myself. For Allies birthday my sister bought her two tickets to see Wicked. She has seen it twice before, once with me and my Katy, and once with a group from school. She asked me to go with her to see it this time as well. How wonderful is that? It was a really good show, I think in many ways it was better than the one we saw a few years ago. My sister has done a very good job raising her daughters.

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 9/03/2013: 10,855 steps and 4.3 miles traveled.

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