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Sep. 16th, 2013

  • 5:00 PM

At week number 5 on this new medicine I finally started feeling a little more like myself. I no longer feel like I’m walking through a dark black fog. I do not think that people who are normally pretty content should be put on antidepressants. It’s just unpleasant. I do still feel a lot less dizzy. Today I was driving and I didn’t have my hearing aid in and no radio on. Instead I listened to the ringing in my ears. It was fascinating. I can hear three different tones when the world is quiet. Mostly it’s not noticeable if there is any noise around. So on the Meniere’s front we’re pretty stable.

I’ve started taking Apple Cider Vinegar again. Have no idea if it actually dose anything but since I’m taking so many supplements now I thought I might as well add one more.


Today was my fourth appointment with the lymphedema rehab. On my first appointment they measured my legs, toe to hip every four inches, today they did it again. The lady said my results are pretty impressive for the diameter drop, so that’s good. She did also note that they didn’t realize how swollen they were until they see how much smaller they’ve gotten so maybe I should go for a higher compression on stockings. Compression stockings are horrible. They’re so horrible to put on. Though I have discovered wearing rubber gloves to put them on is much better. I don’t notice them once they’re on as long as I’m wearing pants. I wrote a testy letter to the insurance company. Did I already tell you this? Feel free to skip ahead if I did.

Compression garments come in different levels, 1 thru 4. I was originally prescribed level 1, it’s now been changed to 1 & 2. There was some confusion about what my insurance company will cover. Stockings from a medical supply company cost approximately $70.00 for a single pair of knee-highs and I’m supposed to wear them seven days a week for the rest of my life, so any insurance coverage would be helpful. In the confusion at one point my husband and I from two different locations both called the insurance company at the same time. He got one answer and I got a different answer. My person was also unpleasant. Not overtly rude, just difficult. Her name was Dora. 

The next day my husband called again to get some clarification on our two different answers, this time he got Dora. She gave him the same information she gave me. When he was talking to her trying to understand the logic of the policy (They will cover levels 2 and up, not 1) she told him “Medical Grade Level 1 compression is the same as you would buy in the department store.” I thought about that statement for hours. It just totally reverberated in my head and still is bothering me. I wasn’t really sure why for a long time but then I realized it’s because it seems like it’s such a trivialization. I eventually wrote a letter of complaint, not about the coverage or the confusion but about her statement. How dare she somehow imply to my husband that my condition can be fixed by a $10.00 pair of pantyhose. What would that say about me if that were true? 
I think it hit me especially hard because I worry that people are just assuming at this point that I am somehow exaggerating. Who has this many bizarre medical things happen in such a short time span? It just made me feel bad. Luckily my husband is a very intelligent man and just assumed Ms. Dora was an ass and not very bright.

Speaking of husbands, this is what we bought at World Market this weekend;


Corey needed a new teapot and wanted cast iron. It’s really very pretty. I think I will make tea with it tomorrow.

I have a very busy week with appointments. So glad I took this time off to get my life in order! I’m spending all my time running around. 😦

WAIT! Did I tell you one of the best things you can do for lymphedema is bouncing? Yup, bouncing on your mini tramp is good for your lymphatic system whether it’s having problems or not. So go hop on something. Trampoline, mini-tramp, bed, anything that moves your skin up and down over your muscles.

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My fitbit #Fitstats for 9/15/2013: 13,234 steps and 5.4 miles traveled.

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