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I know, I know

it’s the epitome of ego to just post a random picture of yourself on your blog. I really need an unprotected spot to post this so I can link it to the Vestibular Migraine forum.



Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 10/25/2013: 9,169 steps and 3.6 miles traveled.

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 10/25/2013: 9,169 steps and 3.6 miles traveled.


Talking, talking, talking.

I miss having a blog I like, I really do.

I miss being able to just sit down and write without having to explain things.

I’m wearing my new tinted glasses. They’re not rose colored. Mine are definitely amber. From what I read, the darker the tint the more amber they will become. I’m not having any trouble with the Amber portion, I am having trouble with the placement of my bi-focal. I can’t find the mid-point which makes it difficult to see my computer monitor. Hopefully it will just take a few days to adust to the new line-up. I am finding it easier to read so yay, I guess, for the doctor increasing my reading prescription. Every new pair of lenses is a little bit different in how they sit on your face. I think your brain adjusts pretty quickly and usually after about a week you don’t even notice anymore that you’re shifting your eyes to use the perfect portion of the lens.

Last night was our bi-weekly Petanque night. It was SO cold! People were cancelling so fast! We ended up with six people there. We played one game and then four of us went out to dinner. It was very nice. My katy joined us for dinner and then Ben’s friend also joined us. There was a lot of laughing. I also got one of the players’, Emily, phone number so we don’t lose track of her. And Bens on my facebook now so we don’t lose track of him. It’s funny how people who are so different can find enough in common to laugh. I swear Ben talked about my absent sister more than anything else.

I found my husband the perfect coat today and ordered it for him. Well first I sent him a picture and said I would have ordered it had I known what size he wanted. He replied immediately with the size.



We have our own version of the don’t ask – don’t tell policy. He doesn’t ask how much something like that costs and I make sure to not show him the price so he can get what he really wants.

Here is my favorite part of my 60 minute chat conversation with AT&T to upgrade my DSL.
Kathy S.: Thank you for providing me with your address. You mentioned ordering Internet only. I’d also like to let you know we offer discounts on monthly services and up-front costs when you order other AT&T products. I would be happy to compare what your package pricing would be if you were to add voice and/or TV to your bundle.
Tracy Murray: I am not interested in anything but DSL
Kathy S.: Great! Which channels do you or your family like to watch?
Tracy Murray: On DSL? None.

The good news is that if we can successfully take care of our upgrade the cost will, for the first year, be less than what we pay currently and starting year #2 it will be only $5.00 more a month. I hope this will also take care of our degrading wifi problem.


 Much adventure tomorrow.


Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 10/24/2013: 8,764 steps and 3.5 miles traveled.

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 10/23/2013: 10,659 steps and 4.2 miles traveled.

4th time is the charm

I’ve tried writing this three or four times and just not been able to put thoughts to paper, or screen as it were.

I keep having reminders of my own mortality and I do not like it at all. In the last two weeks I have had knowledge of three different people with returning cancers. Three is a big number in my little circle. It makes me start wanting to check my own mortality rates. I few months ago I found out that my radiation oncologists re-classified my cancer as Endometrial Cancer. My gyno-oncologist classifies it as cervical cancer because that was the first diagnosis. I am trying very hard to keep myself from going to see the statistics on stage 3 endometrial cancer vs stage 3 cervical. I really don’t need to know if it’s worse odds. I mean everything about me and my health has been abnormal and broken any statistical curves so they don’t really matter, but still…

I had some weird moments last week that just put me right back mentally to where I was during treatment. One was the sudden recollection of a conversation with someone in admitting while I was filling out paperwork for my surgery. She was trying to be helpful and encouraging. When she found out who my doctor was she said that the first time she had cancer she had the same as me (this was before we knew the full extent of mine) and she had the same Doctor and he was wonderful. And he ended up treating her the next THREE times that her cancer came back and she had to have surgery all three times and chemo. She looked about 20 years older than me and I was suddenly thinking, OMG! What if she is younger than me! And shouldn’t the qualification of my doctor as a good doctor mean that he got it all the first time and it never came back?  UHG!

So that’s my dark side.

On the happy side I have my new glasses on order. I can only hope I look as cool as the lovely Tami when I get my rosy lenses. I really had to do a lot of acrobatics to get my lenses made with the correct FL-41 tint. Unfortunately the one color that everyone agrees makes me look like I’m coming down with some sort of flu is PINK! Ah well.  My doctor is also changing my reading prescription. I guess that’s how you know when you’re getting older. My distance script is staying the same but those little tiny words are getting harder and harder to read.

Today is my first sweater day of the season. BOOOOOOOO

So of course we started planning our winter vacation to a warm spot..YaaaaaY!



There you go! The aformentioned lovely Tami!

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