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Training Treats; Suggestions, and how to properly utilize high value treats and jackpots.

Fishmobaby Whirlamagig

When people are learning how to train their dog, whether from books, the internet or from a trainer, you’re going to hear the words ‘high-value treat.’ Your going to see trainers handling hot dogs and chicken breast, and you’re going to see how amazingly these dogs respond and want to do it yourself. Makes sense; I’d certainly work harder for a big pizza than I would for a piece of celery. Right?

Here’s my word of caution, and I hope you read it if you’re new to dog training:

High-Value Treats are only ‘high value’ when they are rarely used.

It’s something I’ve heard time and time again. “He used to be responsive, but he’s gotten bored with treats.” “He’s just not food motivated anymore.” “He must be bored with learning.” Dogs don’t get ‘bored with learning.’ There’s always something deeper. Dogs get frustrated with inconsistency. They get frustrated when…

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I love this picture

I love this picture.

Cline’s Bottles

Cracking My Egg

Many years ago or maybe not that many, the pulp wood men would go out into the forest and harvest trees.
Occasional these men would cut a tree containing an active squirrel’s nest with baby squirrels inside.  A few of these men knew about my grandfather and once in a while they would bring him the baby squirrels to raise.

Throughout my childhood there would be baby squirrels in his house.  One day he lost one.  He looked for it off and on all day.  He finally found the baby curled up in the toe of his slipper later that night.

He loved the squirrels.  He kept nest boxes and feeding stations scattered through the black walnut grove that was his backyard.  These are the bottles he used when he fed the babies until they were grown and he could release them in his yard.

One of the things he…

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Cline’s Bottles

Cline's Bottles.

I’m so hungry I could vomit?

I’m so hungry I could vomit?.

drop in

drop in.

Flowers & electronics & refunds oh my..

Flowers & electronics & refunds oh my...

Fish for the Tropical Nano Aquarium

Fishmobaby Whirlamagig

I have two problems. One is that I am really obsessed with nano aquariums. The other is that I am a firm believer in the welfare of animals large and small, and don’t think there are many things suited to the nano lifestyle. I personally wouldn’t keep any of these tiny wonders in anything less than a ten gallon (especially since most of them prefer to be in a shoal,) but in some situations could be suited for a very small aquarium. Presented in no particular order:


Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae)

The ember tetra is my second favorite nano-tanker, and my current main fish in my 55 gallon (there are forty of them.) They are an outgoing and cheery little fish, and tolerant of most water conditions. They’re not picky eaters, not picky about temperature or pH, not picky about lighting… In fact, I’m not even…

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Because Celebrity Basketball is just not that exciting

Because Celebrity Basketball is just not that exciting.

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