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oops, I forgot to put a title on!

The printer in my office occasionally makes a noise. It sounds like it is warming up and a job is in print queue and about to print. Then it doesn’t. I find it disturbing.

I have, after a few months of trying, trained myself to only use one space after a period. Mostly. Occasionally I still find myself doing two. I am surprised that I was able to adjust.

It is so gloomy in Toledo today!

I am drinking a slimfast for lunch. 😦 Not because of my super obsessive need to lose an additional ten pounds but because I am just so frustrated with my inability to eat real food! I was going to do a slim-fast fast for a couple of days to give my digestive system a break but I have dinner reservations tonight so this will be just a supplemental liquid. I am going to dinner with the kids tonight to a Jazz Cafe. Very nice restaurant. My son is taking a history of jazz class and needs to attend two jazz concerts for part of his grade. I am looking forward to it.

Oh my goodness this slimfast is filling! I have kindly left you all out of my internal conversation about my weight but I’ll tell you it is driving me crazy!  I have been at the same weight since last April (Haha..I had to come back and correct this because I typed Aptilo instead of April). Except for the six weeks immediately after surgery when I gained 12 pounds in two days and then hung onto it for six weeks. The problem is that the weight I am at is at least ten pounds heavier than I should be and a solid fifteen more than I want to be. Who goes through chemo & radition and stays at the same weight? I lost a few pounds during the weeks that I really really couldn’t eat but then gained it right back and came back to this weight. I don’t gain, I don’t lose. I eat like a pig, drink like a fish, stay the same. I eat healthy, work out every single day, stay the same. I feel pretty good about my size, I really do, but I’m right on the border. It’s driving me crazy it really is. I step on the scale every morning and it says almost exactly the same thing.

The other day I asked #isitreal-no (for some reason #isitreal_no doesn’t tag. I think it’s because your username shows up two different ways, #isitreal-no I bet Xanga is using a Linux server!)  about what kind of books she reads and she answered and then she asked me and I did not answer, then #Zoz36 asked book questions and again, I did not answer!. I am so rude! So I thought instead I would answer here. I haven’t read anything in a while but I will really try any book as long as it’s not about real life brutality. I don’t do true crime. I love English mysteries. The old ones and the new ones. I loved Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner. I will read any book that has a vampire (yes indeedy I read, and enjoyed, Twilight) or a Zombie horde, as long as it’s not a book about vampire sex. I tried the series by Hamilton and after three books it was just too much. My favorite book is Stephen Kings The Stand and I have it on my Nook right now waiting for me to read it again. As a general rule I like light and entertaining books, but anything that can hold my ethereal attention these days is good! Odd use of the word ethereal there, but I think I’m sticking with it. I dislike any book that has the same female character just with a different name and profession finding the true love who then saves them from some situation that they through their own silliness have put themselves in. Usally the savior is a reformed bad boy, or some rich good looking guy who she instantly dislikes but then grows to love as she finds out how wrong she really was. I loved James Pattersons Maximum Ride and have read the first three books in the series. I should go see if I can pick the next ones! I usually don’t remember book names or authors so I have a bad habit of picking up the same books over and over and over again.

Now I want to go read!





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