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Cleaning up

Cleaning up.


Talking, talking, talking.

I miss having a blog I like, I really do.

I miss being able to just sit down and write without having to explain things.

I’m wearing my new tinted glasses. They’re not rose colored. Mine are definitely amber. From what I read, the darker the tint the more amber they will become. I’m not having any trouble with the Amber portion, I am having trouble with the placement of my bi-focal. I can’t find the mid-point which makes it difficult to see my computer monitor. Hopefully it will just take a few days to adust to the new line-up. I am finding it easier to read so yay, I guess, for the doctor increasing my reading prescription. Every new pair of lenses is a little bit different in how they sit on your face. I think your brain adjusts pretty quickly and usually after about a week you don’t even notice anymore that you’re shifting your eyes to use the perfect portion of the lens.

Last night was our bi-weekly Petanque night. It was SO cold! People were cancelling so fast! We ended up with six people there. We played one game and then four of us went out to dinner. It was very nice. My katy joined us for dinner and then Ben’s friend also joined us. There was a lot of laughing. I also got one of the players’, Emily, phone number so we don’t lose track of her. And Bens on my facebook now so we don’t lose track of him. It’s funny how people who are so different can find enough in common to laugh. I swear Ben talked about my absent sister more than anything else.

I found my husband the perfect coat today and ordered it for him. Well first I sent him a picture and said I would have ordered it had I known what size he wanted. He replied immediately with the size.



We have our own version of the don’t ask – don’t tell policy. He doesn’t ask how much something like that costs and I make sure to not show him the price so he can get what he really wants.

Here is my favorite part of my 60 minute chat conversation with AT&T to upgrade my DSL.
Kathy S.: Thank you for providing me with your address. You mentioned ordering Internet only. I’d also like to let you know we offer discounts on monthly services and up-front costs when you order other AT&T products. I would be happy to compare what your package pricing would be if you were to add voice and/or TV to your bundle.
Tracy Murray: I am not interested in anything but DSL
Kathy S.: Great! Which channels do you or your family like to watch?
Tracy Murray: On DSL? None.

The good news is that if we can successfully take care of our upgrade the cost will, for the first year, be less than what we pay currently and starting year #2 it will be only $5.00 more a month. I hope this will also take care of our degrading wifi problem.


 Much adventure tomorrow.



In the last ten months….

  • Sep. 24th, 2013 at 8:29 AM

I have been to many places. I’ve taken a lot of little weekend getaway trips and quite a few long planned out trips.


Boston to see the Red Sox play


Chicago To spend time with friends

Cocoa Beach to warm up and marvel at the achievements of NASA


Dayton Ohio to eat pizza of all things.


San Francisco California – to marvel at everything. Scenery, food, buildings.


Virginia Beach and Williamsburg Virginia. Amazing how much Americans have accomplished in what is really such a short time.

I’ve seen the United States from Coast to Coast now. From giant works of nature like the Grand Canyon to equally amazing but much smaller works of man like the caves in Hocking Hills Ohio.

I’ve gotten thinner, stronger, and managed to entice beautiful hummingbirds to my front yard: one greeted me this morning as I sat on the couch drinking my morning coffee and listening to my son catch me up on what he has done the last three days.

I have met people that I’ve talked to for years online and spent time with the people who mean the most to me.

All in all, it’s been a pretty damn good year. For the next year I plan on jumping out of a plane, and more trips to see people that I missed out on the first round. I have built a lot of memories. Not just for me, but of me. I think that’s important too.

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Sep. 16th, 2013

  • 5:00 PM

At week number 5 on this new medicine I finally started feeling a little more like myself. I no longer feel like I’m walking through a dark black fog. I do not think that people who are normally pretty content should be put on antidepressants. It’s just unpleasant. I do still feel a lot less dizzy. Today I was driving and I didn’t have my hearing aid in and no radio on. Instead I listened to the ringing in my ears. It was fascinating. I can hear three different tones when the world is quiet. Mostly it’s not noticeable if there is any noise around. So on the Meniere’s front we’re pretty stable.

I’ve started taking Apple Cider Vinegar again. Have no idea if it actually dose anything but since I’m taking so many supplements now I thought I might as well add one more.


Today was my fourth appointment with the lymphedema rehab. On my first appointment they measured my legs, toe to hip every four inches, today they did it again. The lady said my results are pretty impressive for the diameter drop, so that’s good. She did also note that they didn’t realize how swollen they were until they see how much smaller they’ve gotten so maybe I should go for a higher compression on stockings. Compression stockings are horrible. They’re so horrible to put on. Though I have discovered wearing rubber gloves to put them on is much better. I don’t notice them once they’re on as long as I’m wearing pants. I wrote a testy letter to the insurance company. Did I already tell you this? Feel free to skip ahead if I did.

Compression garments come in different levels, 1 thru 4. I was originally prescribed level 1, it’s now been changed to 1 & 2. There was some confusion about what my insurance company will cover. Stockings from a medical supply company cost approximately $70.00 for a single pair of knee-highs and I’m supposed to wear them seven days a week for the rest of my life, so any insurance coverage would be helpful. In the confusion at one point my husband and I from two different locations both called the insurance company at the same time. He got one answer and I got a different answer. My person was also unpleasant. Not overtly rude, just difficult. Her name was Dora. 

The next day my husband called again to get some clarification on our two different answers, this time he got Dora. She gave him the same information she gave me. When he was talking to her trying to understand the logic of the policy (They will cover levels 2 and up, not 1) she told him “Medical Grade Level 1 compression is the same as you would buy in the department store.” I thought about that statement for hours. It just totally reverberated in my head and still is bothering me. I wasn’t really sure why for a long time but then I realized it’s because it seems like it’s such a trivialization. I eventually wrote a letter of complaint, not about the coverage or the confusion but about her statement. How dare she somehow imply to my husband that my condition can be fixed by a $10.00 pair of pantyhose. What would that say about me if that were true? 
I think it hit me especially hard because I worry that people are just assuming at this point that I am somehow exaggerating. Who has this many bizarre medical things happen in such a short time span? It just made me feel bad. Luckily my husband is a very intelligent man and just assumed Ms. Dora was an ass and not very bright.

Speaking of husbands, this is what we bought at World Market this weekend;


Corey needed a new teapot and wanted cast iron. It’s really very pretty. I think I will make tea with it tomorrow.

I have a very busy week with appointments. So glad I took this time off to get my life in order! I’m spending all my time running around. 😦

WAIT! Did I tell you one of the best things you can do for lymphedema is bouncing? Yup, bouncing on your mini tramp is good for your lymphatic system whether it’s having problems or not. So go hop on something. Trampoline, mini-tramp, bed, anything that moves your skin up and down over your muscles.


I have been avoiding long sit downs at a computer/tablet/phone for the last couple of weeks. It’s too much of a time sucker. Yesterday I spent a long time working and I will finish up today but not until this afternoon. I am having an early lunch with my sister, and I have a mid-afternoon Doctors appointment. I should have cancelled all of my appointments for the month but I didn’t so I’m still at my one a week or so schedule. Ridiculous! Next week I start the lymphedema rehab, six appointments in two weeks. I have noticed that the avoidance of long sit-down times has made a marked improvement in the lymphedema. I guess I’m lucky that it hit in my legs. Much easier to work with.

I wanted to talk about hormones. I lost a lot of my hormone production in my early forties, then two years ago I lost the rest. A few months ago a new doctor gave me estrogen cream. It’s a vegetarian option, quite expensive. We had a long talk about hormones. There are many cancers that are thought to have their growth triggered by estrogen so HRT is something I really fought when I went through early menopause at 42. Ironic that it was probably cancer causing the early menopause, yes? My new doctor convinced me to try the vegetarian estrogen because he said that such a small amount of it is actually processed into the body that there should be no side effects. It is for the benefits of the local areas where you apply it. I started getting migraines about three weeks after I started using it. Two doctors have told me that it’s not probably that it is the estrogen causing the migraines, because the studies show that you don’t absorb enough. I stopped using the estrogen for two weeks, and then started again at a quarter of the dose. Guess what? After a migraine a week for the previous three weeks, no more migraines.
My point is, that if I’m absorbing enough estrogen to give migraines, I’m probably absorbing enough to have other side effects. Just something for women to keep in mind while going through menopause. I’m still sticking with my original thought that if you don’t really need HRT, don’t do it. Unfortunately because of the surgery it’s not that I’m just low on estrogen, I have no estrogen so I do need to supplement, I will however be very careful to stay on the lowest dose possible.

Two quick pictures before I get back to my limited computer time schedule.


My husband bought me this Buddha to help me stay grounded. I like the philosophies of Buddhism. If I were ever going to adopt a belief system I would go with Buddhism. This one is pretty and a good reminder to stop and let your mind clear every once in awhile. Normally I use my yoga practice for this but since I’ve given up yoga for awhile I need to remember to find other ways to give my cluttered brain a cleaning occasionally.

This is my lovely niece Allie and Myself. For Allies birthday my sister bought her two tickets to see Wicked. She has seen it twice before, once with me and my Katy, and once with a group from school. She asked me to go with her to see it this time as well. How wonderful is that? It was a really good show, I think in many ways it was better than the one we saw a few years ago. My sister has done a very good job raising her daughters.


Aug. 19th, 2013

  • 11:15 AM

On Monday mornings when I work out I spend a few moments thinking of how I want to be for the week. What is the thought that I want to keep in my mind.Usually something in my music is what tweaks my thought patterns.
Since I am currently adjusting to a new medicine that I take at bedtime and can no longer seem to drag my ass out of bed in the mornings there was no Monday morning workout. I did get a fantastic workout in my dreams when I was running around in the world made of ships & water with my friend the talking tail-less squirrel named Michael.

So this weeks lesson is something I was thinking about over the weekend. Natalie Merchant spoke to me through my ear buds. She was reminding me how wonderful it is that we are each lucky enough to meet people all through our lives that can teach us things.
The lesson was not for me to know about myself. It was for me to notice in each and every person in my life the specialness that is in them and that makes them unique and truly amazing.

Sometimes you meet someone and there is something that just glows from the inside out in them. Some quality that makes them a magnet for other people. It can be more difficult finding the smaller glow in the people around you that maybe doesn’t shine so bright. Maybe it’s buried under a mask of obnoxiousness. Once you see it and acknowledge it I think you’ll find that most of the time it grows and grows.For instance, I have someone in my life that I run into occasionally. I find him very difficult to deal with. He’s truly aggravating and most of the time completely thoughtless and uncaring about anyone around him. I have however also been lucky to see the part of him that believes one of the most important things is family and rallying around your family and friends in times of need. He believes in the power of community even though most people would probably describe him as selfish. Occasionally I find myself picturing implements of hardened steel appearing in my hands while I am talking to him and then I remind myself about a conversation we had about grief. Totally different perspective on him.

These are the days you’ll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this
And as you feel it,
You’ll know it’s true
That you are blessed and lucky
It’s true that you
Are touched by something
That will grow and bloom in you

Don’t forget to notice the beauty that is in others even if you really have to spend some time trying to find it.

And when you think about people in your past that maybe you’ve judged harshly it might be a good exercise to remember a good thing about them too.


Uploaded my Xanga archive today.


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